Luke 7:11-17 describes the account of Jesus raising a young man from the dead. There are a few details in this account that illustrate not only the miracle working power of God but also specific instructions for those needing to get out of a difficult situation.

Jesus was walking thru the city of Nain. The word “Nain” means beautiful which is ironic because that is where he encountered a funeral procession for a young man. In what should have been a beautiful place on this day was filled with grief and sadness. A life had been cut short and a young man would never realize his hopes and dreams. The only child of a widow the young man’s death left the widow alone and in dire straits.

Jesus did something that went against all the Jewish customs and traditions. He reached out to the dead man and touched him. This was unheard of, no God fearing Jew would dare touch anything dead. This would make them unclean.

This story demonstrates first of all that like the city of Nain, sometimes in what should be a beautiful world we face difficult situations. There are times because of hardships and setbacks we allow our hopes and dreams to die. As children of God we sometimes let the struggles of life to get the best of us. We lose sight of the beauty of serving God and focus more on the struggle then on the source of our strength.

It is in these situations that Jesus is able to step in and reach out to us. He is able to reach into that seemingly dead situation and bring it back to life. Only he can restore to life that relationship, dream, or calling.

Jesus spoke only one instruction to the dead man, “Arise” or “get up”. In what was an impossible situation Jesus brought life. Jesus offered the solution but required action from the dead man, get up! The bible tells us that the young man rose up and was restored to life. He responded to the instruction and as a result had a new lease on life.

Beloved do you find yourself in an impossible situation? Have your hopes and dreams died and you find yourself feeling life is passing you by? I have two words for you today “Get Up”! Respond to the voice of the Lord today, rise up out of your struggle, rise up to prayer, rise up to a renewed relationship with Christ. Rise up to renewed hopes and dreams. Let the Lord restore your life back to the beauty he intended.

Mark Garica

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