A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.  Proverbs 14:29

It has been said that life is a test in patience.  Where do you struggle with being patient?  Maybe you struggle with lines—whether it’s traffic or waiting at a restaurant and you’d rather go 5 miles out of the way than sit still in traffic.  Some people get impatient with people when facing some sort of deadline and get interrupted, or when someone says he’ll do something and it doesn’t get done.

Where do you struggle with patience?  Do you ever pray, Lord, give me some patience—now!  Here are a few practical ways to learn patience:

  1. Take a breath and pray for self-control.
  2. When people anger you, if possible, retreat for a moment, take time to back off and get control of your emotions.
  3. Confront fairly and seek to listen, understand, and where needed, forgive.
  4. Remember, the greatest motive for patience is remembering God’s patience with us.

Today’s challenge is for you to exercise these practical ways to learn patience when you face situations that challenge your patience.

Patience is a precious commodity, for it’s a powerful way to win the respect of others and turn a potential enemy into a friend.


Pastor Charles Mitchell

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